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Admission Process



Complete Application

Simply click on the Start Application button found below once you are familiar with all 7 steps. Ensure you complete all sections as thoroughly as possible to ensure expedient processing of your application.


Connect With a Counselor

Once you have completed your application and submitted it, a counselor will email you and setup a phone interview to ensure the course you are selecting best fits your career needs and objectives.


Schedule On-Site Tour

Once you have completed a phone interview with one of our expert counselors, you will be scheduled for an on-site visit where you can see first hand the facility and meet with the administration, ask any pending questions you might have and complete the English Placement Test. <i>(The English Placement Test is an admissions requirement).</i>


Submit Requested Documentation

Once you have completed your site tour, and are ready to complete your application submission process, submit any additional or pending documentation as advised by your counselor during your one on one session.


Obtain Course Materials

A few days prior to your scheduled class start date, you will be provided with your required course materials.


Attend Scheduled Classes

Attend classes regularly and on time.  This is the most critical part of your career advancement objectives.  Pay close attention during class, ask questions, and even have the instructor repeat or take subjects offline for deeper clarification as required to ensure that you understand the subject matter being discussed.


Earn Your Certificate of Completion

A certificates of completion will be mailed out to you or made available for pickup from our office within one week of successfully completing your course.

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