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About Us

South Bay Job Institute

South Bay Job Institute has been the leading provider of education in professional development and vocational training courses since 2007. We have trained over 2000 individuals as well as over 70 corporate sponsored training events since inception.

We are part of a larger network of student-focused employment training resources for adults and dislocated workers in our community to maximize employment and economic opportunity. 

We are partnered with local businesses and employers to provide affordable, dynamic, effective, and efficient skillset development programs for today’s market trends. Our proprietary approach to job training and placement has changed the way vocational training impacts learners. Our students have an opportunity to gain more qualifications at reduced cost or no cost.

We offer programs that lead directly to jobs including: Project Management, Six Sigma, Computer Office Applications and Vocational ESL Program, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, QTP & Selenium Automation, Paralegal Studies, and much, much more. Our graduates secure leading professional careers as Project Managers, Administrative Assistants, Software QA Engineers, Automation Engineers, and Legal Assistants in law firms or court houses.

South Bay Job Institute is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and values, where students are strengthened with the purpose of self worth, gaining experience, intellect and leadership qualities.

Our Core Mission

Our core mission at South Bay Job Institute is to provide the highest quality, cost-effective and student oriented courses designed to enhance everyone’s skill set with the latest available materials on the market. To strive for student success in augmenting and strengthening marketable knowledge for better careers.

  • Why Professional Development?

    Your investment in your learning and development is essential in supporting your career success. South Bay Job Institute's Center for Professional Development provides training and development in a broad range of competencies, including supervisory, management and leadership development. Our programs focus on Project Management, Six Sigma, Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) for paralegals, continuous improvement and softer skills such as dealing with conflict and change, team building, interpersonal communication skills, business writing and making presentations.
  • Want to Skyrocket Your Career?

    Our programs are designed to deliver workplace-specific skills and knowledge, vocational education and training that covers a wide range of careers and industries, including paralegal studies, computer office applications, vocational ESL program and software quality assurance testing, in the legal, retail, hospitality, banking and technology sectors.
  • Do you want to increase your chances of admission to a better school?

    Thorough preparation covering all of the content on the test. Completely customized prep plan, adjusted as you go to maximize your score. Minimal commitment with a small upfront cost with targeted prep that focuses on strengthening key weaknesses for students with fast-approaching deadlines or limited availability.
  • South Bay Job Institute receives from time to time, additional funding made by grants which students can tap into and thus in effect lowering tuition costs. To learn more about possible scholarship funding, please contact an SBJI school administrator for guidance.